The Bragging of Bragi

Bragi appears to have stood in some pretty close relation to Oegir, and if an analogy between them could be established, which however is unsupported hitherto on other grounds, then by the side of 'briga brag' the root 'braga brôg' would present itself, and the AS. brôga (terror), OHG. pruoko, bruogo, be akin to it. The connexion of Bragi with Oegir may be seen by Bragi appearing prominently in the poem Oegisdrecka, and by his sitting next to Oegir in Sn. 80, so that in intimate converse with him he brings out stories of the gods, which are thence called Bragaræður, speeches of Bragi. It is with great propriety, no doubt, that these narratives, during which Oegir often interrupts him with questions (Sn. 93), as Ganglêri does Hâr when holding forth in the first part of the Edda, were put in the mouth of the patron of poetry.